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There are absolutely a lot of things to do in New York! Whether you are in the Big Apple just for the weekend or the whole week, its attractions and sites are not the only things to fill your itinerary!

With the many fascinating structures in the city, architecture in New York will put in awe even those who don’t even have a slightest bit of architectural knowledge. Aside from the famous architectural sites like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, and Woolworth Building, there are still way more to see in the city.

New York is also best experienced with kids; many of the facilities and sights in the city are designed with the fun and enjoyment of children in mind. The city is also a haven for food lovers. With a wide range of restaurants offering varied menu, inspired from all over the world, there’s just so much to get a taste of in the Big Apple.

Nightlife in the city is vigorous offering you with endless options. It is after all not called the “City that Never Sleeps” for nothing.

Fashionista or not, New York shopping will give you an experience like you’ve never had in your life. With many known and contemporary fashion brands, it’s hard not to enjoy shopping in the city. On the other hand, sports fanatics will also have a great time in the city having close encounter with some of the biggest names and teams playing for the city.

Figure-conscious tourists will also be delighted to know that New York boasts of plenty fitness gyms offering different programs to keep you fit and healthy while in the city.

For something you’ll never be able to witness anywhere in the world, theaters in New York will offer you productions that are not only grand but breathtaking as well; the city’s cinemas also feature top-of-the class facilities to make your movie experience truly one-of-a-kind.

Music in New York is also something to fill your to-do list. With many music institutions based in the city, this aspect of the Big Apple will give you a better understanding and appreciation of its mixed culture.

Who does not love things that are offered for free? With New York for free, you will learn that despite being the US’ most expensive city, New York still values the sweet joys of freebies.