New York would probably be one of the most important places in the music world. For a long time now, the Big Apple has been a thriving home for rock, jazz, and the blues. It is also where hip hop, punk rock, house music, Latin freestyle, and disco were born. Being a melting pot of nations, the city’s diverse culture have also paved way for the production of important folk music such as Jewish klezmer and Irish-American music.

Even music author, Richie Unterberg attested New York’s importance in the music scene, describing it as a “never-ending race for artistic and cosmopolitan supremacy”.


Since the early phase of the 20th century, New York has already been the heart of the country’s music industry. Several music companies and organizations have set up headquarters in the Big Apple since then from independent hip hop and rock labels to nonprofit music organizations. Several music magazines are also based in the city, like Punk Magazine, Spin, Rolling Stone, and Blender Magazine.

The Carnegie Hall, one of the world’s most important music venues, is also based in New York. Noted for its excellent acoustics, particularly classical music, the venue was named after Andrew Carnegie, a famous philanthropist.

The Radio City Music Hall on the other hand, which was opened in 1932, is a major music venue as well as important architectural attraction being a fine example of Art Deco style.

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, which the world’s largest center for the performing arts, houses 12 important music organizations, including the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, New York City Ballet, New York City Opera, Chamber Music Society, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Lincoln Center Theater, and the Juilliard School.

Music in New York just shows of the city’s great influence in the American culture. For live music, there’s even a wide range of concerts venues, clubs, and bars to satisfy your curiosity and desire to experience the city’s music.