New York City, USA

Iconic, trendsetting, hip and ever-changing. For years, New York City lives up to many superlatives. The heart of the New York Metropolitan Area and the most inhabited city in the United States, New York City also is also considered to be a global shaker and mover in terms of finance, commerce, art, media, fashion, entertainment, education, research, and technology.

Deemed to be the world’s cultural capital, New York City is also where the United Nations Headquarters is situated, making it an important point for various international affairs. The city is often referred to as the City of New York or simply New York City to distinguish it from the state of the same name, and of which it is also a part.

The city is known to many monikers. Among which are, The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, Gotham, The Capital of the World, and the Center of the Universe. Of these nicknames though, the first and the second are the most used reference for the city.

The Big Apple

There are several accounts that point to the “when and how” the term, Big Apple was tagged to New York. One of these has traced “the Big Apple” as an expression referring to the sidewalk apple vendors during the Depression Era, some point to a Harlem night club, while others tell the moniker came from a popular dance in the 1930 entitled the “Big Apple”.

However, a believable account of the city’s “Big Apple” nickname was that from etymologists Gerald Cohen and Barry Popik saying that it was columnist, John J. Fitz Gerald who first coined the title to New York in his articles on horse-racing for the New York Morning Telegraph during the 1920s.

Between 1930s and 1940s, the term went out from the context of horses when jazz musicians started using it to refer for their gigs in Manhattan. From then on, the moniker has already been used in films, music, and writings among others, all pointing to New York City.

The City that Never Sleeps

Although Frank Sinatra, in his song “New York, New York”, talked about wanting to wake up the “city that never sleeps,” the phrase referring to New York City is much older than the song.

In September 1912, the moniker was born from the news about the greatest gas plant to be erected in the city. As the gas plant can surpass even the needs of London, New York City will never grow dark, thus the tag of the “City that Never Sleeps”.

As a major city, there is a lot in store for tourists in New York City. This site will help you get to know the city more to make the most of your stay in the Big Apple.