The largest city in the US and among the largest in the world, New York is located at Hudson River’s mouth and on the state’s extreme southeastern side. It is a major hub in terms of manufacturing, finance, transportation, culture, and communications. The Big Apple is also a significant trading center in the world mainly for New York Harbor’s sheltered bays and deep waters.

New York is one if the United States’ most populous cities as well. In the country, there are only 11 states with more people than the city. For many years, almost all of US immigrants entered the country through New York – many of them even stayed in the city.

The five boroughs of the city lie between eastern North America’s two geologic provinces. Brooklyn and Queens boroughs are both located on the Long Island and are part of the coastal plain on the east side. Bronx and Manhattan are on the Newark Basin’s eastern edge. The Newark Basin is a block of Earth’s crust that sank downward during Pangaea’s disintegration in the Triassic period.

Much of New York’s land has already been altered by human intervention. Its total land area is estimated to be at 321 square miles or 831.4 square kilometers. The city’s highest natural point is the Todt Hill which is located in Staten Island; it rises 409.8 ft above sea level.