When to Visit New York?

There is no exact answer about when to best visit the city of New York. With a wide range of places to see and activities to do, anyone can explore the Big Apple anytime of the year! However, those with specific things to do in mind would want to know when to be in the city.

Culture fanatics would want to be in New York from fall to early spring, for this is the time of the year when the city’s performing arts season is at its peak. The Lincoln Center as well as some of the city’s top cultural groups offers alfresco entertainment for free. Broadway tickets on the other hand are more affordable around January and February.

Food aficionados are advised to be in the city between July and August when New York lays its best tables from its best chefs and top restaurants. For those however who are simply looking forward to taking a stroll in the Big Apple’s fabulous parks, spring and fall would be the best times for its mild and pleasant weather.

During the months of December and January, the party does not seem to stop in New York. Thus, if you are one of those who want to experience non-stop fun, music, and merry-making in the city, fly in on those months. Of course the Christmas season will also bring you an opportunity for a shopping bonanza with most of the top shops giving terrific sale!


For those who are planning to visit New York on a fixed budget might have to remember that hotels in the city are fairly high, and some can skyrocket on peak seasons (like Christmas and other important holidays). On winters though and early phase of the year, most of these establishments cut their hotel rates due to ‘post-holiday’ blues. Additionally, this is the best time for shoppers to explore the city’s shopping malls for a number of great bargains.

Summer may bring many families to the city but the heat and humidity may also keep them from truly enjoying other activities in the city so you can count July and the early days of August as among the months for cheaper rates in New York.

Holidays may not be the best times for tourists in tight budget as this is the time where almost everyone in the city are on spending mode.

The secret to a perfect experience in New York therefore is knowing what you want to do in the city to know when to be there the best.