Learn English

For most tourists, asking directions and making short conversation with the New Yorkers will not be a problem because the city is basically made up of English-speaking people. However, those who are not fluent of the language will see this as a bit of a hindrance to fully enjoy exploring the Big Apple.  Thus it is suggested for tourists, particularly those coming from non-English speaking countries, to first be familiar of the language, or better yet learn English in New York.

Learning English in New York would not be hard as there are many schools and companies that provide English language lessons. Most of these schools offer various courses and packages to suit your requirements and needs in learning the language.

Choosing which package to enroll in would be depending on several factors. First would be the length of time you will be in the city. If you are just in the city for the weekend, then there is really no need for you to get formal English lessons. Instead, just get yourself familiar with some basic terms and phrases, such as greetings, directions, and questions.

Your English level should also help assess what type of lessons to enroll in. Beginners, or those who are really not familiar with the language, would probably need extensive lessons, while those who just lack fluency with the language may just need minimal lessons.

It is important to note though for those who are really interested in learning English in New York that fees for English lessons in the city do not come cheap. That is why if you are in a budget, you might just have to consider doing English lessons with a friend or somebody who knows the language. It would also help to get yourself an English dictionary to help you get acquainted with the language.