Short Stay

There is so much to see and do in New York City that visiting it would really need some planning – and of course an itinerary of activities. For tourists who can only spend a short while in the city, coming up with an itinerary is important that it will define how much you can make the most in the Big Apple.

A weekend in the city is surely not enough to visit all of its beautiful and breathtaking landmarks. However, if this is the only time you have, you just make sure to plan your flow of activities well. For instance, you can do away from visiting attractions that are located far from each other. Instead, you can opt to be in a place in the city where the interesting sites are condensed. In Manhattan you will find a number of tourist spots situated in proximity to one another. Not only will this save you time from traveling from one place to another, it will also give you a chance to enjoy these interesting spots without having hurry much.

Of course a long weekend in New York is better than spending the mere weekend. One more day in the Big Apple means getting to visit more of its famous landmarks and attractions. But to really enjoy the city, one week is relatively enough – although not enough if you are meaning to really visit most of New York’s best attractions.

The secret to an unforgettable New York experience therefore is proper planning. And to plan well, you just have to decide what New York attractions you would like to visit.