Finding the perfect accommodation in New York significantly contributes to your experience in the city (whether they are good or bad). That is why, aside from planning your activities in the Big Apple, it is also important to research about where you spend your nights in the city.


How much you are willing to spend for accommodation should be one of the first things to consider when picking a place to stay in New York. When money is not a problem, then you can go splurge in some of the city’s luxurious high-end hotels. With a lot of choices, you will definitely not have a hard time getting yourself that exclusive and glamorous feeling. If your cash however is just enough for a little treat, then are also several mid-range hotels in New York. For those who are on a budget on the other hand, don’t worry, there are also many cheap alternatives in the city.


Manhattan is undoubtedly where the most expensive hotels in the city are located. The remaining four boroughs, house hotels that are more affordable. This doesn’t mean though that tourists in tight budget will not be able to find cheap hotels in Manhattan anymore. In fact, with little research, one will find many inexpensive hotels even in the heart of Manhattan.


Peak seasons in New York are also the time when hotel prices are at its peak. Holidays will definitely bring these hotels to increase nightly rates. Winter in New York is relatively cheaper mainly for cold it brings that a number of tourists try to avoid.

New York City accommodation is flexible enough to suit your needs, budget, and planned activities while in the Big Apple.