Travel to New York

There are many ways to travel and get to New York City. It can be by plane, by bus or by boat. The trick is simple knowing which one is right and best for you.

By plane

Because New York is one of the world’s top metropolitan areas, there are many airlines that offer services to the city. Most of these carriers take you to three of the Big Apple’s main airports: JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. From Washington airport, roundtrip fare costs at around $140.

By train

Amtrak, also called the National Railroad Passenger Corp., offers train services to those who want to get to New York. Passengers can get in from New York Penn Station which is located just under the Madison Square Garden. Trains do get filled up quickly during rush hours so it is advised to make online or phone reservations.

There are three commuter railroads in New York, the Long Island Rail Road which operates between the New York Penn Station and the Long Island; the Metro-North Rail Road operating between the Grand Central Terminal and the north and east parts of the city; and the New Jersey Transit operating from the New York Penn Station to many points in New Jersey.

By bus

New York has many buses, most of which are of great quality and style; they serve areas around New Jersey, suburbs of the city including western part of the Hudson River, and all the cities along U.S.’ east coast. Most of the buses in New York are safe to get in, just be aware that most bus companies offering very low fares are often riskier, mainly because most of its drivers are less cautious on speed limits and road signs.

By boat

Even then, New York has always been one of the most important sea ports in the world. Many ocean liners and cruise ships arrive the city with style and glamour; many of these also either start or end their voyages in the city.

Wherever you are from, there is just no way for you not to get to New York. So pack that bags and plan your activities for that extraordinary adventure in the city.